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Collins Book
The Ageless Athletic Spirit:
Training with a World Champion

By World Champion Bill Collins
with Rick Riddle
U.S. orders: $15.00
Fee CGTR Book
By Earl Fee, who holds 40 world records in masters events from 300H to mile. Much improved revision of the highly popular 2001 first edition. 22 color-coded chapters, include "Building a Base and Hill Training", "Training for 5K, 10K, and Marathon", "Injury Prevention and Causes". 440 pages. U.S. orders: $23.00
Fee 100 Years Book
100 Years Young The Natural Way:
Body, Mind & Spirit Training

By Earl Fee
U.S. orders: $30.00
Tymn Book
Running on Third Wind

By Mike Tymn

U.S. orders: $15.00